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Elmar van Rijnswou

On this site you can find out a little about me, what I do in my sparetime, and what I do/did in my professional life.

Professional Work

Dutch Aerospace Center (NLR)

Worked on HELP, a project that had to detect the origin of sound. This was done by beamforming of 16 microphones. Designed two sets of pcb's, one that would function as a socket for a prototype board, and another that was able to house a MEMS microphone, taking transmission lines in account. Also made a start of VHDL code to read out all the microphones simultaneously. After my internship I continued on the internship project, finished the VHDL code, ported and refactored the beamforming algorithm. The origin of sound could be seen on a webpage in the end.


Added 4G LTE capabilities to the existing seismic-sensor system, which automatically uploaded all the data to a database as soon as a seismic event is detected. Developed a small pcb housing some voltage regulators, gps, 4g module and a linux module. Wrote the full stack, from C to Java to html to SQL querries. After my internship I worked on various projects such as: implementing google protocol buffer, making it updatable via a bootloader and complete computer program to read out multiple sensors simultaneously. I also on Lora for a proof of concept.

Other Projects


Built and designed most of the code for a smartwatch prototype, used an AVR microcontroller for power measurements and an ARM microcontroller for the smartwatch itself. The smartwatch included bluetooth and IrDA connectivity. The prototype had a full colour 160x120 screen.


Created my own game engine in C, which I also ported to the Tamawatchi. The computer runnable uses OpenGL to draw to the display, for the microcontroller variant a display driver has to be written, or at least a way to write to a buffer. I designed multiple games for it, such as: Pong, Tetris, Sokuban, 1944 (a shoot 'm up) and started a simple platformer. The source code can be found:

Dutch UAS

I founded Dutch Unmanned Aerial Systems together with 2 friends. The main goal at the time was to participate at the Wildlife Conservation UAV Challenge (http://www.wcuavc.com/). During my time at Dutch UAS I was in charge of developing and designing an embedded bus system which allowed a plug and play approach for adding different sensors. Which I later on tested with multiple boards that I developed myself. As secretary I also oversaw communications between Dutch UAS and external companies. Dutch UAS got nation wide publicity via television shows and newspapers.

Mini drive

Started developing a miniature car controllable by any wifi enabled device

Game on!

For a course at my Electrical Engineering studies, we were given the task to "do something fun" with an fpga and an embedded processor. We were given Altera development boards to work on. I made a DAC extention board to connect it to a screen, after which I programmed a small console. The logic was all done in C which was exectued by NIOS, the graphical capabilties were offloaded to the VHDL part.

Other Projects

I'm keen on programming games in Java as well, and I'm always working on something. Below some of my java projects can be seen together with the technology used.

Bird Hunter

This game was made in collaboration with some friends of mine. My goal was to learn and use sensor fusion. The sensor fusion functioned for the aiming. The Google VR platform was still very new when Bird Hunter was released. Sadly enough it was hard to rely on sensor data from different phones. On some phones it would work nicely, where on other phones it would give strange results.

Battle in the Atlantic

This game was made with some friends of mine during an online gamejam. It was the first gamejam we attended, and had a lot of fun in the process of creating it. Later we decided to release it on the playstore as well. It was made with libgdx, and box2d as physics engine.

Bird Hunter

This game was made with the same group of friends as Battle in the Attlantic. Also during a hackaton. Sadly enough we didn't have a lot of time that weekend so we decided to take on a smaller arcade type of game. It contained online high scores and achievements via the play game services.